What We Do

Vandelay Solutions provides adult educational services and technical assistance to local government officials in the public service areas of administration of elections, property record recordation, licenses issuance, conduct of public meetings and inspection of public records.

Who We Are

 Daniel A. Ivey-Soto

  • 15 Years in Adult Education for Workplace Skills
  • Instructor at the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management
  • Former State Elections Direction for New Mexico
  • National Officer in Parliamentarian Organizations

Thomas J. Clear III

  • Adult Education in Business Training
  • Specialist in Cross-Cultural Understanding for Success
  • Motivational Speaker in Demand in 20+ Countries
  • Former World President for the Junior Chamber of Commerce

 Daniel M. Hill

  • Adult Educator - Discipline and Stamina in the Workplace
  • Marathon Runner
  • Parents and Students Training on Teaching - Chicago, Illinois
  • Teach for America Alumnus